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PORCELAIN : Station Post Insulators

Image of Station Post InsulatorWe offer a complete line of station post insulators conforming to ANSI C29.9. We can even custom design post insulators to your specific requirements. We also offer a complete line of solid-core post replacements for your aging cap & pin insulators, offering both pedestal and tapped base versions.

Our semiconducting glazed station post insulators have set the standard for anti-contamination performance and long-term reliability. After over 30 years of research, development and field-testing, we have produced insulators that have a much higher contamination withstand voltage performance. Our low profile, solid core design lasts far longer in high contamination areas and eliminates costly maintenance, such as insulator washing and TV and radio interference. It features uniform surface drying and voltage distribution to prevent flashover, as well as dry-band arc suppression.

With station post insulators that feature our semiconducting glaze, you almost never have to worry about salt deposits or corona discharges. They feature:

  • Improved contamination performance
  • Improved RIV performance
  • Solid-core construction
  • Puncture proof body
  • Consistent mechanical strength
  • Long lasting durability

NGK-Locke supplies station post insulators with various mechanical ratings in accordance with ANSI standards.

For detailed information on our station post insulators, view the complete catalog:

No. 012: Locke Solid-Core Station Post Insulators
Part 1:
Guide to Selection,
BIL 95-110 kV, BIL 150-200 kV, BIL 250-350 kV

Part 2:
BIL 500 kV, BIL 650 kV, BIL 750 kV, BIL 900 kV, BIL 900 kV HLD, BIL 1050 kV, BIL 1050 kV HLD, BIL 1300 kV
Part 3:
BIL 1300 kV HLD, BIL 1470 kV, BIL 1470 kV HLD, BIL 1550-2050 kV, BIL 1550-2050 kV - Flanged Base Stacks, BIL 1550-2050 kV HLD
Part 4:
Locke Cap & Pin Replacement Post Insulators, Cap & Pin Replacements:
BIL 150-250 kV, BIL 350 kV, BIL 550 kV, BIL 650-750 kV, BIL 900-1300 kV, BIL 900-1300 kV, BIL 1470 kV

You will need Adobe® Acrobat Reader to view the catalog. If you don't have this pluggin, you can download it, for free, from the Adobe site.