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Porcelain Insulator Catalogs
No. 012: Locke Solid-Core Station Post Insulators
Part 1:
Guide to Selection,
BIL 95-110 kV
BIL 150-200 kV
BIL 250-350 kV

Part 2:
BIL 500 kV
BIL 650 kV
BIL 750 kV
BIL 900 kV
BIL 900 kV HLD
BIL 1050 kV
BIL 1050 kV HLD
BIL 1300 kV

Part 3:
BIL 1300 kV HLD
BIL 1470 kV
BIL 1470 kV HLD
BIL 1550-2050 kV
BIL 1550-2050 kV - Flanged Base Stacks
BIL 1550-2050 kV HLD

Part 4:
Locke Cap & Pin Replacement Post Insulators
Cap & Pin Replacements:
BIL 150-250 kV
BIL 350 kV
BIL 550 kV
BIL 650-750 kV
BIL 900-1300 kV
BIL 900-1300 kV
BIL 1470 kV

No. 081: Locke Suspension Insulators

Polymer Insulator Catalogs
No. 011:Polymer Suspension Insulators 69 to 765kV
Part 1:
Design Features and Catalog Selection
Part 2:
Product Catalogs
Part 3:
Packaging and Manufacturing Process

No. 142: Polymer Post Insulators for 46 to 500 kV Applications
No. 143:
Polymer Station Post Insulators for 69 to 345 kV Applications
No. 145:
Polymer Braced Post Insulators